Technical Information

How does it work?

To make a home airtight involves creating an internal envelope around the complete building. The airtight system seals all gaps and cracks that if left unsealed would allow cold air to pass into the home. Installing an airtightness system keeps the heat in and the cold out.

Did you know?

A family produces an average of 25 litres of moisture every single day. This moisture is produced from showers, boiling kettles, cooking, even breathing.

If a construction component measuring 1m X1m and 14mm thick has a continuous gap of only 1mm, the U-value deteriorates by a factor of 4.

Even in houses that are well insulated, up to 60% of the energy is lost due to leaks in the buildings external envelope.

A properly installed Airtightness System can reduce your heating costs by up to 40%.

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