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Airtightness Ireland is dedicated to promoting the benefits of 'Airtight Construction' and the positive effect that this will have on our energy consumption in Ireland.

Airtight construction is a relatively new concept in Ireland.  As such, there can be an element of fear, confusion and uncertainty associated with the process.  It is our mission to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible for end users, specifiers and installers.  To achieve this, we have developed a partnership with Isocell, a European market leader based in Austria.

Isocell have many years experience throughout Europe in both airtightness products and cellulose insulation.  Isocell are a member of the Climate Alliance of European Cities. In 2007, Isocell was awarded the Austrian Environment Award.

Best practice in terms of energy efficient housing is the 'Passive House'.  This standard is the ultimate target here in Ireland.  The requirements in terms of airtightness in a 'Passive House' are far more stringent than what is called for in the new Part L Building Regulations.  The two countries that have built the most number of these units in recent years are Germany and Austria.  It is no coincidence that Isocell have been extremely successful in both of these markets.

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